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Counseling Fees
Fees for 45-50 minute session after initial intake evaluation session. A sliding fee scale is available for the low-income.
Counseling fees are no less than $40.00 per hour.
Fees for Testing
Telephone Conversations
Our statement of policies and fees charged for therapy and related services follow:

For more information, please call 606-571-9787 or contact us:
Arno Profile Testing,assessments test. Psychological and educational testing.

Cost: $85.00
Calls from the Client that are over 10 minutes will be pro-rated on the basis of the hourly charge.
Cost: Pro-rated
Payment due 
Payment is due at time of therapy appointment. All client payment are due when service is received. 
We do NOT make adjustments in the fee. However, we can  base service on client income.
We do not  accept  private insurances or  KY Medicaid. We DO NOT accept Medicare at this time.
Cost: No less than $40.00 per hour
Counseling for the whole family

Ask about our A.P.S .for job and career decisions